Free Website Builder Comparison 2021: Wix Vs Weebly Vs WordPress

Website Builder Comparison 2021

Every business must have its own website to be taken seriously but most business owners do not have the time or means to create their own website. Outsourcing website development used to be a large and expensive part of setting up a business because the website had to be coded from the ground up by professional programmers and designers. These days, website builders can be used to do the job in much less time with a much less complicated foundation and most importantly, for a lot less money. Three of the biggest website builders are Wix, Weebly and WordPress. Read on to find out which is best for your business.


Pros is a drag and drop style editor that does not require much technical or design knowledge. You can easily add a customizable blog to your website and there are over 30 apps you can add to your website to implement shopping, forms and social media.

Cons promotes itself as a free website builder for one-page websites, however, the actual options are very limited without paying extra expenses – the most glaring being your websites’ URL which will contain “.wix” unless you pay a monthly subscription fee. It is also known to load slowly which in worst case scenarios may annoy customers enough to close the website and try another.


Wix offers hundreds of free templates for different types of businesses that have customisable elements or you can purchase more premium ones.

Mobile sites

All of the Wix themes will work on phones.


Subscriptions range from $5 to $17 monthly depending on your needs. For more information go to This will be on top of the cost of a web developer if you need someone to set up and maintain your website on your behalf.



Weebly is extremely easy to set up and add text, photos, slideshows, maps and videos. You can edit your text and put all your photos in with zero knowledge of HTML or CSS, or you can add coding in the advanced editor if needed. You can set up your website, store or blog in less than half an hour.


Like Wix, your URL will contain the word “Weebly” if using the free option and many features will cost extra money. Also, the flip side of an easy product is generally less options and less customisability. You might not be able to get exactly what you want.


There are over 100 templates created by design specialists in different styles with different colour theme options. This is not a huge variety so it will depend on how unique you want your website to be.

Mobile sites

All of the Weebly themes will work on phones.


Subscriptions are $8 – $25 per month depending on your needs. For more information, go to . This will be on top of the cost of a web developer if you need someone to set up and maintain your website on your behalf.



Originally used as a blogging platform, WordPress has grown to become one the most flexible of the website builders due to being open source. This means that the web developer has full access to the code and can make limitless changes and create custom features to suit your business. And because it began as a blogging platform, its built-in blog system is the most smooth to use with the largest range of options and plugins for features and email marketing. Creating an online shop is as simple as installing a fully functioning ecommerce plugin.


WordPress is not what you would call a drag and drop platform. To create a truly customised website, you need some knowledge of coding and using plugins. This is where hiring a WordPress developer comes in – you can simply tell them exactly what you need for your website and they do the rest – for a fraction of the price of a website that has been built from the ground up.


When it comes to design, there are thousands of fully dynamic themes available – in fact there are entire websites dedicated to themes so you are unlikely to end up with a website that looks just like another in your industry. When it comes to elements and features on your website, there are many options of what can be done and they can be done exactly to your specifications.

Mobile sites

Not all WordPress themes come built to run smoothly on a mobile site but if this is something you need, it can be easily organised by hiring a web developer to set up for you.


WordPress is free and does not charge a monthly subscription fee, or even to take the word WordPress out of your URL.

The secondary cost of hiring a website developer, a person that can set up and maintain your website to your specification will vary depending on your needs. For more information on our prices, go to

The Winner: WordPress

In the end, the website builder that is right for you will come down to the specific needs of your business and the time and funds you have available. However, the most intricate and professional of these companies is WordPress, by a mile.

It has by far the most options for design, customisation and features and will give you the freedom to do anything. Once set up, it is extremely easy to use, update and maintain.

To view some samples of what a WordPress website can do, view our portfolio:

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