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Starlight Engineering is a Queensland based company that has specialised in certified metal fabrication, project support services and welding since 1994. 

RJG Mediaworks assisted with the design, development and implementation of an internal company intranet site, complete with a built in timesheet application, holiday request form, customised induction portal (including a mobile version), document automation and more!

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Check out some of the screenshots below highlighting our work on Starlight Engineering’s Intranet & Apps!

Example Of The Induction Portal On A Mobile Phone

This induction portal is completly automated – staff can enter their details, upload their licences and qualifications, watch an induction orientation presentation, and then be quizzed at the end to test their knowledge. The quiz automatically marks their answers and provides the correct answers if they got it wrong. Upon completion of the quiz, our code kicks in to generate a certificate – complete with their induction quiz score and all of their details pre-filled.

Screenshot 2021 07 15 00 32 59 72 Scaled

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