Read our guide to discover how to hide from hackers trying to spy through your webcam.

With lockdowns and working from home becoming the norm over the past couple of years of Covid-19, technology has found a way to keep us connected through online video calls. With the rise of video calls however, there is more risk than ever of hackers trying to spy at you through your webcam, so we can see why people are worried!

When popular video calling apps like Zoom are being hacked, and even Mark Zuckerberg the boss of Facebook takes measures to prevent hackers, we thought it was time to share one of the easiest tips we have found to protect yourself from hackers spying through your webcam.

Introducing The Webcam Cover by JOYAUS

These webcam covers function by utilising a movable slider to open and close your devices webcam manually at your leasure, preventing hackers seeing through your spycam in between use!

The universal design will fit most devices, meaning it is perfect for almost any laptop, desktop, PC, macbook, tablet or smartphone webcam. The JOYAUS Webcam Cover sticks to your device using a strong adhesive and is easily installed, just wipe your device down with a dry cloth, remove the tape from the back of the webcam cover and attach it to the lens, firmly holding it down for 15 seconds. 

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